The Film Fest

The grade sixes have been working on a film. Our class was lucky enough to watch their films in the stadium. There were different categories including best special effects, best music design, best message ect. The topic of their film was motivation; they submitted a film about the topic and some people won awards. I […]

My Bedside Table

Sadly somebody put my copy of Robinson Crusoe on hold at the library. So I decided to read something new. This book is called The Oracle. This book is written by Jackie French, and she is and Australian author. I have currently read 81 pages out of 342 pages.  


Today, we went outside and measured our shadows. Shadows are the projected darkness after the light shines on someone. We drew a place to put or feet and traced the shadows twice; once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Moon Phases

Today, using Oreos we made the moon phases. In moon phases there are 8 phases; named New Moon, Waxing Cresent, First quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quater, Waning Cresent.


RunThatTown is a game made by the 2011 Cencus.  Cencus in Australia keeps everyone informed about how many population, how they travel, types of families ect. RunThatTown uses these statistics from 2011 and allows you to ‘run a town.’

Aussie Party on Party

Today for inquiry, the Aussie Party on Party had their turn. This party had four different activities. First we played silent ball, silent ball is a game where you pass a ball around and be silent. Then we played run that town on my iPad. After we played run that town, we went outside to […]

The Olympians Party

Today for inquiry, it was the Olympians’ turn to do inquiry. We went outside and played four games of basketball. This was probably the best party so far. My team included, Anthony, Brodie, Emily, Natilie, and I. The members of the Olympians were; Anthony, Ellie, Libby, and Josh!

Donut Party

Sorry, this one is a bit overdue. On Friday, the donut party won the election. First we went outside and played kick ball, it was a lot of fun! Then after we played kick ball we ate donuts that Max’s dad made. The members of the party were Bella, Charlotte, Max, and myself.